Key Ways to Write an Amazing Persuasive Essay in the Last Hours

Writing has been a source of spreading ideas and passing down knowledge from one generation to another from the beginning of time. Learning how to write is one of the most essential parts of interesting informative speech topics. It instills the elements of thinking critically and conveying your ideas to the targeted audience through proper research. The idea of research is to make the position of your essay strong, and therefore, acceptable by the readers; however, criticism exists everywhere and just like any paper, your essay will be opposed by critics due to the vision or ideology they have for that specific subject matter.

A persuasive essay is more like an argumentative essay in which the writer describes their stance in the form of a thesis statement. The stance can be on any matter that a writer is either against or supports. Persuasive writing involves a powerful analysis of the subject matter, and therefore, requires proper evidence citation to strengthen their stance. It enables writers to back up their opinions with good research data. Explaining things from one's viewpoint without any evidence makes one look like a radical writer, rendering their opinions baseless and biased. Persuasive writing often comes into play when there is a tug-of war-on any matter between two parties or groups.

Students are often assigned persuasive writing tasks during their course completions. These tasks are backed up by the purpose of making students learn to forge reasoning for their assumptions based on proper research about the given matter. A persuasive essay should positively convince the reader without employing ranting as opinionated writings advance knowledge from the writer to the audience. Persuasive essays often take time for their completion as detailed research is necessary to find common grounds for the writer's opinions to be backed up with the relevant shreds of evidence. However, it is observed that many students tend to complete their essays at the eleventh hour. Students who are relatively smarter than others tend to write up amazing persuasive essays while others resort to getting help from argumentative essay topics for students due to their weak writing abilities.

Essay writers are skilled in writing attractive essays in less time and are paid for the essay writing service they provide. Writing a good persuasive essay in less time or ‘last hours’ is not an impossible task but requires one to develop good writing and research practices. Ultimately, the key lies in writing any persuasive essay with a certain motivation level which would incline the writer in writing good arguments backed up by strong evidence.

Following are some of the key elements for writing an amazing persuasive essay in less time:

Once the writer is assigned a topic, they are required to identify their stance on the given matter. Students are encouraged to research it if they are not clear about the choice of their stance. The research includes skimming the content on Wikipedia or other websites on the internet to save up time. Once they realize what stance favors their ideology regarding the specific matter, they may develop a thesis statement. Again, writing a good thesis statement requires one to be sound in their choice of stance and it should highlight all the important and relevant issues which will be discussed ahead in the essay. For example, a persuasive essay on "Can anyone benefit from high school education?' has the following thesis statement:

One should devise a rough sheet for noting down all the important points related to the subject matter. This saves up time as it allows the writer to be vigilant regarding their search keywords. Furthermore, this helps them in forming an outline or a structure for their essay. Once thorough research has been done, a writer may jot down their words accordingly.

Once the thesis statement has been formulated, the focus is shifted onto the topic sentences. Each paragraph has a different topic sentence relevant to the thesis statement and there is only one controlling idea of the paragraph. Each topic sentence is a claim which is supported by evidence and a proper explanation of the relevant data mentioned. A sound argument is supported by at least three pieces of evidence. The evidence is often included in research papers or journal articles.

When there is little to no time left, students are encouraged to apply good research skills. Good research skills employ skimming of the 'findings, results and conclusion' portion of the journal articles and books to get a general idea. This helps students in reading and writing more in less time. Students must be well aware of their opponents' views before writing persuasive essays. This will help them in knowing the bigger picture and make their position strong. They must write their opponent's views but should come up with rebuttals to strengthen their claims. Lastly, they should be well aware of the limitations of their claims.

Good research skills and writing abilities are necessary for writing relevant content in less time. Students with weak abilities are often encouraged to reach out to professional academic companies. All they need to ask is “persuasive essay topics for high school” and they will provide them with a professional and relevant essay in less time.